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Chen Xiaowang (tratto da
"Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang is the 19th Generation Lineage Holder of Chen Family Taijiquan and is one of the few holders of the highest rank of 9th Duan Wei conferred by the Chinese Wushu Association, not only for his own high level of achievements in Taijiquan, but also for the impact of his substantial worldwide contributions in introducing, promoting, and developing Chen Style Taijiquan"

Chen Yu (tratto da
"Mr. ChenYu, Born 5/23/1962, in Chen Jia Gou Wen County, Henan province, currently resides in Beijing China. He is 17th generation Chen Taijiquan master Chen FaKe's grandson and 18th generation Chen Taijiquan master Chen ZhaoKui's only son"

Chen Xiaoxing (tratto da
"Chen Xiaoxing, born in 1952, is a grandson of 17th generation lineage holder Chen Fake, youngest son of Chen Zhaoxu and brother of the current lineage holder, Chen Xiaowang. Chen Xiaoxing is the principal of the Chenjiagou Taijiquan School in Henan province. He is the living embodiment of the Chen Village Taiji tradition and the leading representative of the Chen family in China. Chen Xiaoxing is known as Taiji Miao Shou ("highly skilled person") of the Chen family 19th generation"


Chen Bing (tratto da
"Master Chen Bing is a 20th generation direct descendant and leader of Chen Family Taijiquan from Chenjiagou (Chen Village) in Wenxian, Henan Province. All Taijiquan styles such as Yang, Wu, Sun and other various styles were derived from Chen Family Taijiquan. Since 1600, Chen Family Taijiquan has been practiced by the Chen Family in China as part of the Chen Family tradition. Master Chen Bing is the next Standard Bearer who will become the leader of the authentic Chen Family Taijiquan tradition"

Xu Guo Ming (tratto da
"Master Xu Guo Ming left Shanghai in the late 1980's to pursue higher education in Mathematics in the United States. With the help of his honorable grandparents" who already lived in California, Master Xu, his wife, and his young son left behind a familiar way of life to journey to a strange western land. But it has not been so strange. "I consider myself a modern Chinese. The old ways are dead, they should be, it's a new society all over the world today.
In 1984 Master Xu won the 1st place gold medal in the All China Taijiquan Competition in Shanghai for his performance of the first set of the Chen Style. He had been studying the form since 1977 with Shong Guang Rn a Student of Chen Zhaokui son of Chen Fake"

Wang Zhi Xiang (tratto da
"Il Dottor Wang Zhi Xiang vive a Shanghai, città natale nella quale opera per la diffusione del suo sapere. È dottore di Medicina Tradizionale Cinese con specializzazione nel massaggio Tui Na ed un apprezzato Maestro di discipline orientali quali il Qi Gong (terapeutico e marziale), il Taiji Quan (Yang e Wu) e lo Xing Yi Quan. Discepolo di Wang Zhuangong, è discendente in linea diretta di Dong Yinjie, uno dei migliori alievi di Yang Chengfu. Rinomato maestro calligrafo, è vicepresidente della Shanghai Martial Arts Society, della Shanghai Sports Federation."

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